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wig types

synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are often referred to as monofilament wigs, reflecting the fibre from which they are made. Wigs in our ranges are made using only the very finest quality double-monofilament construction to avoid discomfort and itchiness often found with single-layer construction. Combined with a comfort-enhanced weaving technique, our synthetic wigs provide excellent ventilation and allow the scalp to breathe whilst a special translucent material on the crown creates a natural scalp and hairline.
  • Colour stability, so the colour won’t fade over time
  • Styles, including waves and curls, are permanent, so you will never need to restyle the wig
  • Vast colour selection, including highlighted and blended options and natural-looking root regrowth
  • Extensive range of styles on offer as the hair fibres are infinitely versatile and can be fashioned in any style or length
  • Tend to be much lower in price than human hair wigs
  • Much lighter to wear than human hair wigs
  • Unlike human hair, the fibres won’t frizz in damp or humid conditions
  • Hair rubbing against your collar or clothing can cause matting and friction frizz
  • The wig cannot be tinted or re-coloured
  • Can’t be styled with heat appliances, e.g. straightening irons, curling tongs, as the fibres could melt
  • Synthetic fibres don’t have the softness, silkiness and shine that human hair can have
  • The wigs tend to have a shorter lifespan than human hair wigs

human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are usually made from Chinese, Indonesian, Indian or European/Caucasian hair, which will be processed to change the colour and curl patterns.
  • Can be heat styled with hairdryers, straightening irons and curling tongs
  • Can be re-coloured and tinted at home and in the salon
  • Soft and silky to the touch
  • Will not matt and frizz by friction, as can happen with synthetic wigs
  • The wig style is not fixed so can be restyled as often as you wish
  • With care will usually last longer than synthetic wigs
  • Just like real hair, it may frizz or lose its style in humid and damp conditions
  • Over time, the hair will oxidize and colour will fade
  • The price of human hair wigs is usually much higher than most synthetic wigs
  • As with your own hair, the wig will take more maintenance, as it will require restyling
  • Most human wigs tend to be heavier to wear than synthetics, so may not be as comfortable